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Your Champion of Change

I help professional men escape unfulfilling jobs
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Helping You Align, Escape and Succeed

Christian helps professional men align with their true life’s purpose and overcome the challenges of leaving their jobs so they can be the best version of themselves and live the life they were born to live, on their terms.

Speaking & Events

Creating awareness and impact through informative and engaging experiences

1:1 & Group Coaching

Partnering together to deliver your success through 1:1 and group coaching

Online Delivery

Coaching services are delivered conveniently over the web

My Mission and Personal Vision

Christian’s mission in life is to help people succeed in their personal and professional lives while preserving life-balance, living with deeper meaning and fulfilling their purpose to make a difference in our world.

Signature Process

Discover the 3C’s to Success that Christian teaches in his speaking, training, and coaching programs. These 3 Keys are a core part of Christian’s philosophy that he has learned through experience over his career in management consulting and personal development. Click Play to watch…

Christian Grancourt

Champion of change

The first time I transformed, my thin $28K a year wallet became a very fat $200K a year one. I felt successful kicking ass for global consultancies like Ernst & Young, Accenture, and IBM.

I sucked the brains out of the best personal development gurus: Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, John Demartini, etc. Went on to change hundreds of lives as a transformational coach.

Everyone thought I was happy. What they didn’t know? Every night after work I was crawled up in a ball on my living room sofa. Empty. Miserable. Unfulfilled. No idea how to fix it. I wanted a life of meaning and purpose, as well as success.

22 years of blood, sweat, and tears later, I finally figured it out. Being successful AND fulfilled is REALLY about BEING MORE of who we already are rather than being who we think we have to be.

Now I help others figure it out in much less time.

Christian Grancourt

Companies Served

“I can fully recommend, if you want an inspiration, if you want to take the next leap in what you want to be, Christian is the person for you. And I want to thank Christian personally for the gift he’s given me throughout my journey.” – Pa Joof

Christian is an amazing man! He represents the next generation. The next generation of your employer. The next generation of your employees. The next generation of your consumer. He really understands the dynamics of what people want and need today and has an amazingly gifted way of delivering it.

Debbie Battersby

Author, Business Woman

Having worked with Christian around the world, I’ve found that Christian has an amazing ability to bring so much levity yet a level of professionalism to any organization. If you’re looking to taking your life or your organization to a whole new level, if you need the strategies from someone who’s not only learned them, but truly lives them, you need to speak with Christian. You’ll find that he’ll meet and exceed your wildest expectations.

Steve Linder

Founder, SRI University